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I've been asked on several occasions on what I feed my dogs and about the different products I recommend so I decided to setup this little store of some of my favorite items I use and purchased from Amazon


Your puppy needs to be on a large breed puppy food for the first year at least, I always go 2 years until they get their hips certified.  You canít certify the hips until that age because they are still growing until that age, so it makes sense to me to keep them on it for that long. 

 Purina One Large Breed Puppy

I leave food available at all times.  I  recommend free feeding because Labs grow so fast and have growth spurts where they will eat more during those times and not so much when they aren't.  The only time I recommend a feeding schedule is if your puppy starts to put on too much weight. 

Gravity Feeder

Labs drink ALOT of water and this really helps to keep plenty of water available without having to fill up the water dish a million times a day!

 Water Dispenser

Here is a gravity feeder and water dispenser combo:



 Gravity Feeder and Water Dispenser

I love this water bowl but it needs to be hooked up to a hose so goes great outside.  I actually had a plumber put in a facet in my laundry room so I can have it in the house and I have a tray under it to catch the drips from the labs drinking.  I never have to fill the water bowl anymore!

 Auto Dog Water

If you plan on crate training I recommend getting a medium crate to start so your puppy will fit into his/her crate nicely to help potty train, not to big and not too small.  Great option for people that just want to use the crate until puppy is fully potty trained.


 Medium Crate



 Here is a larger crate for your pup for when he/she is larger and you still like having them crated when no one is home or at night.

 Large Crate

As far as a play yard I like this one for young puppies, to get one for when your puppy is older I suggest getting a taller one  so they don't just jump over it: 


 Play Yard


For young puppies that are still potty training, I like these pee pads because it helps with the smell and they stick to the floor and remove without tearing apart.

 Pee Pads





This is what I use for training.  I like having easy access to the treats and there is spots for the poop bags and comes with a water dish.

 Treat Bag





Feel free to contact me with any questions or other items you have tried and think would be a good fit for Labs


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